Basic Tips for Sewing a Valentine's Day Card

We made Valentine's Day cards to give to a special organization during our February session of Sew Giving. Here are some basic steps for making your own Valentine's Day cards or cards for any other special occasion. I have included some helpful tips as well.


Sewing Valentine's Day Cards - variety

1. GATHER MATERIALS: card stock (measuring 4" x 5.5"), glue stick, fabric scraps, fabric scissors

Sewing Valentine's Day Cards - Gather Card Making Materials

2. CUT: cut out heart shapes (or desired shapes).

Sewing Valentine's Day Cards - Cut Out Fabric Shapes

3. GLUE: add glue to the wrong side of the fabric shapes and glue them to the card.

Sewing Valentine's Day Cards - Glue Fabric To Card

4. SEW: set your sewing machine to straight stitch or zigzag and sew the fabric shapes to the card stock to secure them. Try to begin and end the sewing on an edge of the paper so that you can tie the threads or easily cut them. If you begin or end sewing in the center of the paper, leave the threads long and bring the top thread to the back and knot.

  • Straight Stitch - I like to increase the stitch length when sewing on paper. Set the stitch length to 3mm-4mm.
  • Zigzag - choose your favorite size zigzag. The stitch width determines how wide side-to-side and stitch length determines how open or closed the zigzags will be.
Sewing Valentine's Day Cards

5. BE CREATIVE: sewing the fabric shapes to the card stock is both decorative and functional. Continue to add stitching to your card as you please. 

Sewing Valentine's Day Cards

6. OPTIONAL: if you want to cover up the stitching on the inside of the card, cut out a piece of card stock, scrapbook paper, or copy paper and glue or sew it to the card.

Sewing Valentine's Day Cards - Finishing Inside of Card

Your card is finished!