Happy New Year!

We had a fantastic 2014 and look forward to a wonderful 2015! 

Sew You Studio | Happy New Year 2015!

2014 was filled with great students, fun classes, and exciting changes!

-I enjoyed working with many fantastic students, kids and adults, who made great projects! It was especially exciting to see the progress and skill development of the students who participated in the Sewing School series. As a teacher, it is such a good thing to see that your students are learning and even better to see them enjoy the process of learning!

-We offered a variety of classes: one-time Sew Fun projects, Sewing School, summer camp classes, Sew Together (parent & child), Sew Giving, gift-making classes, and craft classes.

-In August, our studio space doubled+ in size because we moved into a larger studio next door! Having more space means we can spread out and work with ease. It also means we can offer a bigger variety of project classes and parties.

2015  -  We look forward to the year ahead! Our class offerings will continue to include sewing lessons in a series, one-time sewing project classes, and craft classes. Sew Giving will continue to share handcrafted goodness and instruction with local organizations.

Some new additions include more after school enrichment classes, regular sewing gatherings, sewing classes for boys, and blog posts with sewing tutorials and techniques. We are finalizing a very exciting addition that does not have to do with sewing but is all about creativity and fun machinery. I can't wait to share details about this new addition soon!

As always, we are so grateful for the continued support and interest of our students and their families. 2015 is going to be a great year and we look forward to sewing and handcrafting with you!