"p" is for pretty. . . pretty stitches!

Do you know how to place the bobbin in your sewing machine for even and pretty stitches?

If you have a sewing machine with a bobbin case that looks like this:

Sew You Studio | Sewing Machine with a Drop-in Bobbin

. . . then you have a drop-in bobbin sewing machine.

To get the prettiest stitches on a drop-in bobbin sewing machine, all you have to do is remember that "p" is for pretty stitches. As shown in the illustration below, the thread should wrap counter-clockwise around the bobbin. When you hold the bobbin between your fingers, the thread will hang on the left side and it will all look like a letter "p". 

"p" is for pretty stitches!

"p" is for pretty stitches!

Drop the bobbin into the machine just like this every time you sew for pretty stitches!