Choosing a Sewing Machine

So, you're ready to start sewing but you don't know which machine to buy or if the used machine you have been given is going to work. Let's review some key things to think about when it comes to making a decision on a sewing machine.

  • Is it a manual (mechanical) or computerized sewing machine?
  • Does it have a drop-in bobbin or front-loading bobbin?
  • New or used? A used machine can be just as good as a new machine, but just make sure it's been well-maintained.
  • Does it require special presser feet and accessories or can you use standard parts (that are usually less expensive)?
  • What do you intend to sew with it?
  • Will you use it often or just for mending jobs and quick projects?
Choosing a Sewing Machine

Knowing the answers to these questions can be very helpful when making a decision. I have written a detailed blog post all about sewing machines on my craft blog, Dia's Days. It is entitled Let's Start with Sewing Machines and I think you will find it helpful when it comes to making the best choice for yourself.

If you want my personal opinion on a machine you're considering buying, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. I'm happy to help!