The Celebration was Grand!

I finally did it! In early October I held a celebration for my studio! It's been a long time coming and it was such a fun time! 

We had a great turnout! I was thrilled to have so many friends and sewing students stop by to see what my new studio space is all about. We also had newcomers who were interested in learning about all of the excitement! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It means so much to me to have your support and encouragement! I can't wait to work with you all and make great things!

The Grand Opening Celebration was double the fun because Sadie of Sadie Fox Studio was also celebrating the opening of her studio! She is next door, in my original studio, and it is a beautiful space where she does custom sewing, alterations, and classes. I am so happy to have her as a neighbor not only because she has become a dear friend but also because she is an inspiration for beautiful fashion and creative work! 

Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures of the celebration because my camera memory was full (grrrr, very poor planning on my part!) and I was having too much fun to stop and take pictures. 

Sew You Studio | Sadie & Claudia at the Grand Opening Celebration of each of their studios
Sew You Studio!

Sew You Studio!

Crafting at the Sew You Studio Grand Opening Celebration!

Crafting at the Sew You Studio Grand Opening Celebration!

Sewing Kit giveaway prize at the Sew You Studio Grand Opening Celebration & letterpress business cards (made by my dear husband!)

Sewing Kit giveaway prize at the Sew You Studio Grand Opening Celebration & letterpress business cards (made by my dear husband!)

Pretty flowers given to me by a student and her mom in celebration of the studio! 

Pretty flowers given to me by a student and her mom in celebration of the studio! 

Kid Craft at the Horseshoe

As we approach the end of October, I'm looking back on a busy and super fun month for Sew You Studio! Let me tell you about the fun we had at the Horseshoe Fall Market. . .

On October 4th I had the privilege of hosting the Kids DIY Station at the fabulous Horseshoe Fall Market! This market is offered a few times a year and has some of the best and most creative crafters around! 

Sew You Studio | Kids DIY Station at the Horseshoe Market

I brought along a few crafts for kids to work on but the #1 craft of the day was the pom pom station! We used a variety of yarn and the kids were most intrigued by the recycled t-shirt fabric yarn which we made from unwanted t-shirts.

Sew You Studio | Helpers at the Horseshoe Fall Market

Our Kid Craft Station would not have been as successful as it was without two wonderful helpers--my daughter and my friend's daughter. They were great instructors and leaders and now I know exactly who to call on when I am in need of help with a crafty class or workshop! 

Sew You Studio | Happy Pom Pom Maker at the Horseshoe Fall Market

It was a perfect Fall day for an outdoor market. We had so many kids stop by to craft with us. And, as usual, it was such a joy to experience teaching young ones how to make something and then seeing their big smiles when they completed their very own handcraft! 

Sew You Studio | Making Pom Poms at the Horseshoe Fall Market

I hope your kids can join us to learn how to sew and craft at Sew You Studio. We are getting ready to start our gift-making classes! The schedule will be posted soon. If you want to stay up to date with our schedule and events, click on the button below to join our mailing list.

Costume Making

At our house, October usually means our kids are dreaming up great costume ideas. They know I always prefer to make a costume than buy one, so they dream big! I have enjoyed making costumes for my kids over the years. What I enjoy most, aside from the cuteness, is the problem-solving it takes to figure out how to make the costume they are requesting. That's probably why I enjoy being a do-it-yourselfer.

Sew You Studio | Costume Making

I don't always make costumes for my kids but I do find ways to make things work. Sometimes I combine some handmade ideas with thrifted ideas. Other times we get creative with what we've got at home.  Truth is, I don't always have the time (or the energy) to make 4 different costumes from head to toe! But whatever we make, it's fun and the kids enjoy it!

Sew You Studio | Costume Making

My main goal is to do what I can so that my children like their costume and feel happy wearing it. I also want the costume to be made in an inexpensive and creative way! In my opinion, the best costumes are the ones you put together creatively with what you've got. 

Sew You Studio | Costume Making
Sew You Studio | Costume Making

I like to first look around the house and use what we have or use it as a starting point--we try to use parts of costumes from previous years.  Then, we might make a trip to the thrift store to fill in the gaps. Other times we just walk through a thrift store and find inspiration from a simple item. The Sherlock Holmes costume was inspired in this way when we found the hat.

Sew You Studio | Costume Making

Over the years, my kids have become more and more creative and and are happy to create a unique costume with what we have on hand. They enjoy the process of creation much more than heading to a big box store and buying one. It makes me smile and so excited to see what we can come up with when we put our creative minds together!

Sew You Studio | Costume Making

Let me share some creative tips for costume-making:

  • use t-shirts! T-shirts are made of a fabric that doesn't fray. This will save you time when sewing the fabric together because you won't have to hem. It also means you can just cut the t-shirt and transform it without having frayed threads! That's exactly how Obi-Won Kenobi's cloak was made. We cut an XL t-shirt up the front and then cut a second one to make the hoodie. Hermione's scarf was made by cutting up 2 t-shirts into rectangles and sewing them together. 
  • If you don't sew, use fabric glue!
  • find a simple piece (at the thrift store or in your home!) that inspires an idea. Princess Leia came together after finding the top at the thrift store.
  • make temporary alterations by using basting stitches. You can shorten pants or adjust the fit of a piece by sewing it to the length or width you want and holding it in place with long stitches by hand or on a sewing machine. You can even just use safety pins!
  • most important tip, don't be afraid! I have a friend who says she doesn't sew but she makes some of the best costumes because she dreams!

Don't forget, Sew You Studio has a sewing workshop scheduled on Tuesday mornings from 9:30am - 11am. Bring your ideas and materials and we'll help you with the construction of your costume! If all you need is space and tools, please join us! You can use our sewing machines, cutting tools, and other extras that you may not have at home. Please register so that I know to expect you, Sewing Workshop for Moms (it's scheduled for moms but open to all!).


Grand Opening Celebration!

Sew You Studio moved into a larger space in August and to celebrate we are having a party! The other great news is that the ever-so-creative Sadie Fox has moved into my old space! So it's a double party!

  • Saturday, October 11, 2014 (Open House)
  • 4:00pm  7:00pm
  • 3795 & 3785 Grove Street, Denver, CO 80211

Come celebrate the Grand Opening of two new sewing and craft studios in the heart of North Denver. Sew You Studio offers sewing and craft classes as well as parties for children and adults. Sadie Fox Studio offers custom sewing services, alterations and private classes for adults. Join us to learn about our offerings and upcoming events. You can sign up for classes or schedule a consultation. We will be making crafts and having adult and child-friendly treats.

We will be making crafts and have some giveaway prizes! There will be adult and child-friendly treats. Please join us!

Join us for Sewing Giving on Friday, September 5!

Sew You Studio | Sew Giving Event for August 2014

Every month Sew You Studio offers a Sew Giving session where students are invited to join us in sewing things for others!

August was a busy month at the studio because we moved into a new studio space (more on that in another post to come soon!). So, to make up for the skipped August session of Sew Giving, we're hosting a skirt-making event tomorrow, Friday, September 5, 2014 from 6-8pm.

We invite you to join us in making skirts to be given to the non-profit Patterns for Change. They will gift the skirts to girls in need of a new and pretty skirt. We have all the fabric, notions, and tools needed! You just have to stop by with a willingness to give of your time and making something!

Please contact Claudia to let her know that you will join us! 303-525-5406

Sew Giving is open to students who have taken a class at Sew You Studio. However, this skirt-making session is open to all willing to lend a helping hand! We will guide you and help you with the construction of the skirts. We will all work together!


Back to Sewing School!

It's Back to Sewing School time at Sew You Studio!

We're excited about our new schedule AND our new studio! We've moved next door into a larger studio space and we can't wait to have you join us in all the sewing, crafting, and party fun!

Our Fall 2014 schedule has been updated with sewing classes for both kids and adults. Most of our classes are offered as a series for the best skill-building and learning! 

Here's our Fall 2014 line-up for kids and adult classes:



Find a class you like and register directly on our siteWe look forward to sewing with you!


What is a Seam Allowance?

SEAM ALLOWANCE (SA) - the space between the stitched seam and the raw edge of the fabric. 

What is a Seam Allowance?

There are general guidelines for seam allowances; they vary a bit depending on the project or type of sewing you are doing. Below are some suggested seam allowances. Note: you can adjust the seam allowance as you find necessary for your project but quilting stays true to the 1/4" SA.

  • quilting, 1/4 inch SA
  • craft sewing, 3/8 inch SA
  • home decor & craft sewing, 1/2 inch SA
  • garment sewing, 5/8 inch SA 

Quilting requires a lot of precise sewing. Your seam allowance should be consistent in order to piece together beautiful blocks. It is helpful to use a 1/4 inch presser foot to maintain consistency.

Some sewers believe that 5/8 inch seam allowance is too big for garment sewing and they may adjust the size to 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch. If you choose to reduce the seam allowance, take care to understand how the change may alter the size of your finished garment.

Sew Giving June & July: Making Clothes

On Saturday, June 28th and throughout the month of July, little hands worked very hard to make children's shorts for the non-profit program, Patterns for Change. These shorts were  lovingly made as part of the Sew Giving project at Sew You Studio.

Shorts for Sew Giving

The students of Sew You Studio who participated did so with lots of enthusiasm knowing that their work was for the benefit of others. I'm sure they enjoyed having some extra sewing time as well! We are happy we could sew something to give to others! 

These shorts were made using donated fabric and elastic and will be given to children in need. If you have fabric or notions to donate for the Sew Giving program, we will find practical and creative ways of putting it to use for local non-profit organizations. Contact Claudia.

Sew Giving May: Teaching Moms to Sew at Hope House of Colorado

The Sew Giving project for May was teaching young moms how to sew. I was asked by a Regis University student if I would collaborate with her on a school assignment for her intercultural communications class. She was to reach out to a specific demographic of her choice and plan a community service project.

Sewing lesson for young moms at Hope House Colorado

She selected teen moms and wanted them to learn a life skill. I was contacted and we made arrangements to teach teen moms how to sew. I took my sewing machines, notions, and tools to the Hope House of Colorado and taught my Intro to Sewing class to very enthusiastic teen moms. We had fun learning how to operate the sewing machine, how to sew seams, and how to make a drawstring bag. The moms did a super job and were excited about the possibilities of what they could sew next!

Drawstring bags completed in a Sew Giving lesson

If I haven't said this before, I thoroughly enjoy the Sew Giving program I offer at Sew You Studio. Everyone who participates benefits and it just reinforces the goodness of giving!

A Fab Pattern Sale and a Giveaway

There's a great pattern sale going on at The Southern! It's called The Sew Fab Pattern Sale: Spring 2014 and it's a great deal for a bundle of 19 different sewing patterns. There's a good mix of projects that will keep you busy sewing for yourself, your kids, or someone you love! Hurry, though! This sale ends on May 13th!

The other exciting part of this pattern bundle sale is the giveaway! There are 2 prize packages to be given away; each filled with great goodies! I have made a cute zip pouch and some pretty bias trim (3 yards of each!) that are included in one of the prize packages. 

Zip Pouch and Handmade Bias Tape by Claudia

For the chance to win 1 of 2 prize packages, go to the Sew Fab Pattern Sale post on The Southern and enter! You can enter the giveaway as many times as you want using the Rafflecopter widget and there is no purchase required to win! Best wishes and happy sewing!