Q • Can I bring my own sewing machine?

AYes! You are welcome to bring your own sewing machine if it is in working order! Sew You Studio does have sewing machines available for student use.


Q • How can I pay for a class? 

A • You can register and pay (with credit card) for a class directly on our website! This is the best and easiest way to confirm a seat in a class.


Q • Can I pay cash for a class? 

A • We accept cash, check, or credit card but your payment is needed to confirm a seat in any of our classes. 


Q • My child is 6 years old. Can I sign her up for a sewing machine class?

A • Every child learns differently and so there is not a magic age for learning to sew on a sewing machine. However, our minimum age recommendation for sewing machine classes is age 8. At age 8, students tend to have a better attention span and also have better fine motor skills; this allows for a more successful experience. If you feel your child can stay focused and be safe and they are younger than 8, please contact Claudia to discuss. Hand sewing is a great alternative option for younger children!


Q • Do I have to stay with my child during a class or can I drop off?

A • You can drop off your son or daughter for our group classes but for a private lesson, we do request a parent stay on-site. WiFi is available!


Q • What is a "workshop"?

A • If a class is called a "workshop", that typically refers to a one-time class.


Q • I can't make it to any of your scheduled classes. Will you be offering more dates?

A • If you can't make it to our scheduled classes, we would be happy to schedule a private lesson at a more convenient time. If you have a couple of friends that are also interested in a class/series, we can work on scheduling a more convenient time and the group fee applies (requires a minimum of 3 students). 


Q • Do you sell fabric? I am unsure of what type of fabric to buy for a class and would prefer not to go shopping because I feel so lost at the fabric store.

A • We sell a limited supply of fabric at the studio. Some classes offer a materials kit for an additional fee. You can contact Claudia for guidance or to ask for a materials kit.


Q • Do you sell sewing machines?

A • Yes! In 2017 we began selling a fantastic line of sewing machines: EverSewn Sparrows. Learn all about these machines in our SHOP.


Q • Do you offer sewing classes for kids during daytime hours M-F?

A • We may schedule workshops on days when there is no school--based on the Denver Public Schools calendar. We may also schedule classes on holidays. If your child(ren) does not attend Denver Public Schools, contact Claudia to schedule a class on a day your school system does not have school.


Q • Do you offer classes for children that are homeschooled?

A • We are happy to schedule classes during weekdays for students that are homeschooled! We can schedule one-time classes or work on a schedule based on your requests for instruction.


Q • Do you offer summer camps?

A • We offer a variety of summertime workshops that are 2 to 3 hours long. Workshops can be one-time classes or can meet for up to 3 or 4 classes. 


Q • Do you cancel class due to inclement weather?

A • Yes, we may very likely cancel class but we will work with our students/class to reschedule a make up class. We do not have a solid plan about inclement weather cancelations since Colorado weather is so unpredictable. This means that we may cancel class a couple of hours before it is scheduled to take place in order to keep our students safe and off the treacherous roads. We apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience but we do want to keep your safety in mind.