A fun and educational series of craft classes for kids! This summer we will learn fun techniques and skills for working with: PAPER, STRING, & PRINTING.

PAPER CRAFTING - Each student will learn how to work with crepe paper, tissue paper, straws, card stock, and string. They can choose to design and create a colorful chandelier; construct a straw mobile decorated with flowers and fun shapes; or make a beautiful paper floral bouquet.

STRING ART - Each student will learn how to work with a variety of string and cording. They will also learn to re-purpose old clothes or fabric scraps into "rope". They will get to choose from a few projects that will give them practice making knots (macrame); wrapping string around pegs to create a colorful and geometric design; or wrapping and tying rope to make rugs or baskets. Whatever they choose, it will be a project that gets their brain to do critical AND creative thinking.

PRINTING - Each student will learn a few methods for printing on fabric and paper. Then, they will choose their favorite method to make a simple tote (sewn with the help of Claudia), a poster, or a set of note cards. 

Class Dates/Time:

  • June 24, 1-3pm: PAPER CRAFTING
  • July 15, 1-3pm: STRING ART
  • August 14, 12:30-3pm: PRINTING

Class Duration: 2-hour class or 2.5-hour class

Age GroupFor boys and girls ages 6 and older


  • $24, plus $8 materials fee for PAPER CRAFTING or STRING ART
  • $30, plus $8 materials fee for PRINTING

Class LocationSew You Studio, 3785 Grove St, Denver 80211