Learn to Sew: Enrichment Series

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Learn to Sew: Enrichment Series is a program offered for homeschool students and groups. This series is focused on developing a solid foundation of skills for independent sewing. Students will get to know the sewing machine, learn a variety of sewing techniques, and understand how to read sewing patterns all while making fun projects.

Class Dates & Times: Classes are scheduled based on the needs and interests of your family or enrichment group. Daytime hours are available Monday-Friday. Contact Claudia.

Class Themes: Select a theme to be the focus of instruction. Each theme is designed to teach a variety of sewing skills and techniques. 

  • BASICS - learn to sew using a sewing machine and make beginner projects
  • SEWING BOX - make items to build up your sewing kit
  • CLOTHES - learn the basics of making a top and skirts or pants
  • HOME/KITCHEN - make items useful for home 
  • QUILT - learn piecing, construction, & sewing it all together
  • CRAFT - a fun and practical variety of projects from stuffed animals to accessories to bags

Age GroupFor boys and girls ages 8 and older

Skill Level: beginner to intermediate

Fee: The fee is dependent on the number of classes you select for a session.3-class sessions are recommended. 

Fabric Requirements: fabric requirements will be sent to you upon registration and selection of lesson or theme. Materials Kits are available for purchase.

Class LocationSew You Studio, 3795 Grove St, Denver 80211


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