Sewing School for Kids is a semester-long sewing program focused on developing a solid foundation of skills for independent sewing. Students will work through a workbook and graduate through different levels. They will get to know the sewing machine, learn a variety of sewing techniques, and understand how to read sewing patterns all while making fun projects.

Workshop Dates & Times: 3 Saturdays per month (September-April), we offer a 9-10:30am session and a 10:30am-noon session

Class Duration: a 1.5-hour class

Age GroupFor boys and girls ages 8 and older

Skill Level: new to sewing, basic, intermediate

Fee: $63/student per month*

Class LocationSew You Studio, 3795 Grove St, Denver 80211

*Fabric Requirements: the fee includes materials for most projects but some may require that you purchase fabric or pay a kit fee.